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October is National Pet Wellness

Veterinarians in the Untied States celebrate October as National Pet Wellness Month sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association and Fort Dodge Animal Health.  Started in October 2004, it is a campaign designed to raise awareness about the pet aging process, disease prevention and the importance of yearly wellness exams for all cats and dogs.  Pets can experience the same aches, pains and other health problems associated with aging in humans.  Older dogs and cats are at higher risk for arthritis, heart and kidney disease, diabetes, cancer and other serious conditions.  Our main goal here at The State College Veterinary hospital is to help local pets live longer, healthier lives by offering pet owners wellness exams and disease prevention for their pets.

Wellness exams are offered to pet owners once a year, until your pet hits senior age.  Senior age affects different breeds at different times.  Larger breeds become seniors earlier than most, so talk to one of our staff about what age your animal is considered senior age.  Once your animal turns senior age we recommend twice a year exam because pets age so rapidly, health problems can occur in a short amount of time. Our staff will collect information from you, the pet owner, on your pet's lifestyle to determine any health risks that your pet might be exposed to.  During the first visit, one of our veterinarians will do a complete exam along with routine vaccinations.  Six months later, the second visit consists of another complete exam along with bloodwork. Bloodwork allows our veterinarians to diagnose, treat or prevent any health problems before they become serious.